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1. The machine is applicable to wide variety of grinding works from heavy cut to grinders.
2. Both the grinding and regulating wheel spindles are supported by the ultra-precision double-row
    cylindricalroller bearings.It ensures stable and high grinding accuracy.
3. The variable speed motor drives the regulating wheel spindle. It permits stepless speed control of the
    regulating wheel spindle to meet the workpiece to be ground.
4. Independent upper/lower slides are provided on the regulating wheel spindle. It realizes more diversified
    applications to the workpieces as well as simplified precision adjustments.
5. The machine is designed to minimize vibration, thermal displacement and other mechanical problems to
    guarantee the optimal processing accuracy.
6. The machine is provided with good enough functions to cope with automation of the production process by
    the CNC, automatic loading/unloading units, and also chaining of production process.
Spec OC-24BR-300
Grinding Capacity φ3~φ100
Max. Infeed Grinding
Grinding Wheel
φ610 × 305 ×φ304.8
Regulating Wheel
φ305 × 305 ×φ152.4
Peripheral Speed
(Grinding Wheel)
2,000m/min(2,700m/min option)
Rev Count
(Grinding Wheel)
Rev Count
(Regulating Wheel)
10~250rpm(Infinity variable)
Grinding Wheel Drive
15kW (22kW option)
Regulatins Wheel Drive
1.5kW (Variable Speed Motor: 2.2kW option)
Coolant Pump
Net Weight(approx.) 6,000kg

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