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Since our foundation, we, Ohmiya Machinary, have continued to manufacture the hi-precision center less grinder. Our achievements and experience have given us sophisticated and reliable basic technology. Moreover, we have many skilled craftsman working with their individual sense of pride and responsibility to manufacture our center less grinder. I am proud that so many clients have complete trust in the machines made in our way. We, Ohmiya Machinary, recognize that in the 21st. cencury we are coming into an increasingly border-less global economy. To suit this new era, we build up solid trust with clients through customer-oriented marking activities.

President Hiroshi Fukushima

Corporate Data
Company Name ohmiya machinery co., ltd
Founded 1957
Capital ¥30,000,000
corporate officer president Hiroshi Fukushima
senior vice president Osamu Fukushima
director Koji Kawai
1957 Established OHMIYA MACHINARY CO.,LTD. in Ohmiya, Saitama Pref.
(Manufacturers specialized in the production of centerless grinding machines)
1994 The head office and factory is moved from Ohmiya to 117-1,Kanoh Okegawa,Saitama Pref.
2000 Completed the new head office building and factory at 1-25,Akabori,Okegawa,Saitama Pref.
Mar 2007 A moving operation plan, new factory "Okegawa Technical Center" at 2-4-3 Okegawa Akabori.
Head Office & Factory
Head Office & Factory 1-25,Akabori,Okegawa,Saitama Pref 363-0002 Japan
TEL:81-48-729-1951 | FAX:81-48-729-1950
Okegawa Technical Center 2-4-3,Akabori,Okegawa,Saitama Pref 363-0002 Japan
TEL:81-48-729-1901 | FAX:81-48-729-1902
Osaka Sales Office Com Plaza B , 1-6-17 Nakashinkai,Higashi-Osaka,Osaka 578-0911 Japan
TEL:81-729-61-2927 | FAX:81-729-61-2937
Group Company
Shanghai Sales Office Room 1801, No.41, Lane 88 Jiangwancheng Road, Yangpu Districk, Shanghai,China 200438
TEL:86-21-5852-3119 | FAX:86-21-5852-3119
Mob:133-9103-5717 |
Map to Access Head Office & Factory
Exporting Country

China, the Republic of Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, the Republic of South Africa, Australia, Russia, England, Spain, Sweden, USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil

Ohmiya Machinery Co., Ltd | TEL 81-48-729-1951

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