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An extensive design database and R&D power responding appropriately to required accuracy

The new age technology-IT-requires a high accuracy not just at the finished product but also at the raw material.
Moreover its requirement is speed and flexibility in the processing of various materials-metals, non-ferrous metals, and new materials-and various shapes.
It is also an extremely inportant factor from the economic efficiency. Centerless grinder can adequately answer such a request of high-level ability and stability corresponding to today's technological innovation. Additionally, with our rich experience and achivements, we are confident about grinding work pieces in the laset technology and about our capabilities to win for the challenges.

Reliable quality by the highly craftsmanship and passing these skills on

Every part of the centerless grinders manufactured by Ohmiya Machinary makes use of the handwork of skilled craftsmen. Centerless grinders owing their existence to he need fot high-accuracy machinery with a varienty of materials and shapes must have flexible hardware as an absolute condition. The most advanced production engineering for achieving this flecibility is handwork. The high level of manufacturing skills owned by our highly craftsmanshio is now being passed on to the younger generation who will become skilled craftsmen of the 21st. century.

Quality management and inspection system supported by consistent technological philosophy

Our motto is that we should always supply the centerless grinders with the best Functions for a present particular cliant. This idea appolies across a broad range, from shortening of manufacuture time. be a right price, high accuracy achievement to easy maintenance. The systematic hard test on ginding before shipment makes our customer ossible to start on immediate working after delivery. That is our motto that technology is always proof of the costomer-oriented.

Further trust with our client through consultant sales activities

We believe that the sales team must also be engineers managing a system that is linked to the design and production departments.
They are to propose the solution for the problems of potential cliants of center less grinders from all aspects-economic effiency, marketability, production details, required accuracy, and so on.
Needless to say, technical support is also the mission of the sales department.

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